Mobile Hydro unit

more than 10 years with your lovely pets

Let’s talk about Milo.

Milo, our second mobile unit has a treasure inside, an amazing underwater treadmill for small animals.
What’s the benefits of UWTM?

Aquatic therapy uses the therapeutic properties of water to improve range of motion, strengthen muscles, and boost endurance, while reducing the risk of injury. Pet water therapy can aid in the rehabilitation from soft tissue injuries, postoperative fracture care, neurological conditions, osteoarthritis, muscle weakness, geriatric care, weight issues and conservative treatments.
And it’s not just this…therapy water is between 29 and 31 *C Warm water can lessen pain and make connective tissue flexible, facilitating a better range of motion and deeper stretching. The warmth of the water can also increase blood flow and motivation to speed up recovery.
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